A Few FAQ's

Do you offer installations?
Yes, we install the doors we sell within Northern Harris and Montgomery Counties. Neighboring counties can be done for a small travel charge.

What is your lead time?

Wood Doors - 5-6 Weeks
Fiberglass Doors - 3-5 Weeks
Iron Doors - 12-13 Weeks

Do you offer warranties?

2 Years - All Wood Doors
    (Most companies offer 1 year only)
5 Years - Iron & Fiberglass Doors
    (2 years on Glass & Finish)
LifeTime - ThermaTru Fiberglass Doors

Are fiberglass doors better than wood?

Fiberglass doors will not warp or crack, and have less tendency to fade, and they have longer warranties. The advantages of wood doors are that they have a wider selection and can come in custom sizes and designs, plus they have the natural appeal of being real wood.

Are fiberglass doors less expensive than wood?

Fiberglass doors that have a quality woodgrain finish are generally about the same price as real wood doors. Paintable fiberglass doors are considerably less expensive.

Are Iron Doors a Better Value?

Iron Doors do not require near as much maintenance nor are they prone to warping.  Just apply a solution every 2 years to keep it looking brand new!